Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Recipe Box


Yey, today ít´s finally Pinterest Challenge Time over at Young House Love, Bower Power and 2 other blogs. I am so excited to see all of the great projects completed all over blog-world.

First up, here is what I have been pinning recently:


Yep. Recipe Boxes. Many years ago, I sat down and created a recipe binder for all of my recipes.


But over the years, it ended up more like this:


Every time I found a recipe online, I would print it out and stick it in the front. So something had to be done here.

With improvement in mind I went on pinterest to see how others stored their recipes. Seing all of those pretty recipe boxes, I decided that this was what I needed in order to organize my recipe situation.

I already had index cards, and only needed some type of container or box to hold my recipe collection (with enough space for it to grow). At the $-Store (or since I am in Germany the EUR-Store) I found the right item.


A cheap light green basket (picture is not true to color), that was the perfect size for my index cards.
At home I grabbed my scrapbook paper and started tracing out divider cards on some dark green cardstock.


I used a small nail polish bottle to trace on tabs as well.


I cut out my dividers and made sure they fit.


Next, I used the white portion of the my scraps, to create lables to go on the divider tabs….


… and attached them with the white side up on the dividers.


Then I decided I also wanted to label the recipe box itself, so I took yet some more scraps and worked on that.


I used Jute to attach this label to the front of my recipe box.


And finally I started copying my loose recipes onto those index cards. That will probably take me a couple of nights. However, even if I should get lazy at some point and I can still cut whatever I wrote or printed a recipe on to size and just stick it in the box.


So, what do you think? Isn´t this better than my previous overstuffed recipe binder?


At least, now I have quite some space for new recipes ….

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  1. Oh I like your little recipe box! I'm in the process of trying to organize all of my recipes too, and looking for ideas on Pinterest too! Thanks for the inspiration!