Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Raiding the Basement

I went into my family`s basement the other day and found a few pieces of furniture that are no longer used and which I will be able to take to our new apartment.

First of all, there is my old desk, which is made of solid wood and still in great condition:

Since every piece of furniture is parked in between a whole bunch of other things it was a bit difficult to get adequate pictures. Either way, here is my old desk. It has 3 drawers on the left and a door with deep storage on the right.

Since it is solid wood, I might stain the desk. However, since it is so old, I also might as well paint it and give it some pretty new knobs. At this point everything is still undecided but I will keep you posted once I update the piece.

Another item I will be able to bring to our apartment for free is the old table from the breakfast nook - also a solid wood piece:

As you can see, the table has beat up legs and had to suffer through a flooded basement a few year back. Other than that I plan to achieve a two-toned effect with table. The top will be stained dark and nice rustic-looking and the legs will go off-white. I plan to find parson´s chairs at a good price for these and I already found a few sites online which offer decent prices on quality chairs.

Finally I also took pictures of old dining chairs which I might work on as an alternative. I am not too sure yet if I want these or not but maybe you can give me your opinion whether they are worth the effort of recovering the seats:

We´ll see. They kind of look hard to take apart so I am not sure to start the recovering. But it just might be worth a try.

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