Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bye bye summer!

We had beautiful weather in Germany the last couple of weeks, and everybody wanted to spend as much time outside as possible.
This included several bicycle tours and visits to the ice cream place.

On Saturday we went to the close-by "Möhnesee", which is a relatively large lake in the area with beautiful bike-ways along the water.

It was just the right temeperature to ride our bikes and the tour was just fun.

One of the many spots we had a break and took pictures.

Towards the end of our 20 km bike ride we crossed one of the bridges that spans accross the lake and found this:

Can you see the locks that are all over the protective fence?

Another close-up:

People attached those locks with their names engraved on them. These locks were all over the protective fence and I thought this was a very cute idea. Instead of writing stuff with pens all over the beautiful brick-tower, people got creative and added this fun little detail to the bridge.

Imagine going back every once in a while and searching for "your" lock!

Anyhow, welcome to fall, apple pies, cooler temperatures, fallen leaves, and the return of hot chocolate. I am so excited!

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