Sunday, September 18, 2011

A bunch of ideas

Yesterday one of my neighbours went to Ikea (which is now about an hour from where I live in Germany) and I went with her just for fun and some daydreaming. We are still about a month away before moving into our own place, so purchasing anything at this point just would make sense. Nonetheless, this last trip to Ikea got my head spinning and dreaming. I loved the incorporation of purple and rose colors in their presentenation rooms so much, that I made up my own moodboard witha combination of purple and gray:

I think that this color combination with a purple accent wall and the remainder in a creme-tone would create a warm and inviting space.

I was completely bored today, so I decided to see how different colors can affect the feel of the same base room.

Here is the same moodboard, but this time incorporating an olive-green:

And now the same thing with navy blue:

What do you think? I believe this color switch can make it pretty obvious how two or three small changes can update an entire room.

Enjoy the rest of your Sundays. I´ll enjoy the hearty veggie and bacon muffins my sister made.

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