Monday, September 12, 2011

1000 Years!

This weekend one of our neighbour villages celebrated 1000 years since they were first mentioned. Everybody had done their best to create a great party. With a focus on keeping things as they were in past centuries, they had organized a fair as in the Middleage. It was great. There was so much to look at, many of the inhabitants were dressed in midieval costumes and you could see the effort that had gone into every single detail.

Here is the clown that greeted us right at the entrance to the market.

And here is the globe that became part of the village decoration:

There is my son listening to the backpipe players.

There were a lot of little tents from different artisan trades to look at, such as shoemakers, ropemakers, carpenters, etc.

My favorite must have been the potter, since I couldn´t get my eyes off his selection of pieces. They were just beautiful.
I ended up taking home two items, a flower vase and a plate for fruit or cookies. These were the first two items I purchased in the pursuit of re-starting an entire household. Being that they were handmade from a local artist, I believe they make a fitting pair of firsts.

I love that I could use the caraffe either for water or juice, or maybe even as a charming flower pot.

Here is another closeup of the caraffe:

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