Thursday, November 10, 2011

Enjoying fall to the fullest

For some reason the weather last weekend turned beautiful here in our parts of Germany and I enjoyed a weekend full of fun with my son.

Saturday morning we took my older sister´s offer to go to the indoor pool with her. Since she is a volunteer at the local DLRG (a life-savings-organisation), we were allowed to go for free. Good start, wasn´t it?

For my son it was a first going to the indoor pool and he had a lot of fun jumping into the water for an entire hour.

After lunch we decided to make use of the beautiful weather and to visit a small zoo nearby. They have a few larger animals, but mostly its chicken, fish, pigs, rabbits, and the like.

From the rabbits we went on to visit the curious tiny mini pigs.

Next on the agenda: Camels and geese.

The whole zoo started out as a petting zoo at a local farm and has grown for the last couple of decades. I remember coming here when I was still very small.

After watching the different animals, we stoppend at the playground to take a break.

After watching this beautiful moment between mama and baby lama, we went home for cake and tea.

On Sunday the beautiful weather continued, so we went to visit the Biebertal (Beaver-Valley), which is a beautiful valley with a forrest and a lake to go for a walk.

Another break at the playground:

I mean, who doesn´t like to have fun on a playground?

I´ll be back tomorrow with updates on my 2 projects in the making.

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