Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Letter L

                                                                                          Source: via Carina on Pinterest

Have you seen this jute-letter on pinterest? When I saw it, I had to pin it with the intention of creating one of these for my son´s room.

So the other day I went and got all of my supplies ....

... all of them except for one: I wasn´t able to find a wooden or styrofoam letter anywhere in my town.

At first, I figured I would just order one online, but all of the sites I looked at had higher prices for the letters (plus high shipping costs) than I wanted to pay for this project.

Then yesterday, while throwing away an empty diaper box I realized how I could create my own letter without spending a cent:

Can you see it?

Maybe now?

I cut out 4 L´s (each 25 cm high and 15 cm wide or 10 inches high and 6 inches wide ), layered them, and glued them together to give me one 3-dimensional L.
And all of that for the cost of one empty diaper box.

Next, I got out my supplies: 3 bundles of jute (20 meters each), 1 bundle of blue thick cord, and a small pack of green wood-beads.

I started by covering the ends with small pieces of jute and attached those with hot glue. Then I just went on and covered the whole thing by wrapping the cord around the letter. Whenever the cord didn´t want to stay put (at the ends and in the "corner"), I used some more hot glue to come to the rescue.

Next, I attached 3 green beads on a small piece of jute and hot-glued those to the letter as well. Once that was done, I used my blue cord to decorate the L a little more.

Since an "L" is a little difficult to attach to the wall evenly, I made sure to add little hooks to the backside of the letter:

These will enable me to make this letter part of a wall gallery I am planning for my son´s room.

These are the 3 pieces I have so far. Next time, I work on a letter like this I will try to reduce the amount of jute used in the corners, or increase the amount of jute on the straight parts, so that the entire letter is covered more evenly.

Eitherway, I am happy to move another project from my pinterest boards to the done board.

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