Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cheap scarf storage solution

 Do you also have that problem where your scarfs just fly around everywhere? No matter where you put them, they always end up in the way. Finding a place for my scarfs has long been on my to-do-list. I wanted a way that made them very easily accesible, yet still out of the way.
The other day while walking through the stores I found the solution: 


There you can see them peeking from behind the wardrobe.


I got this little kitchen helper with hooks for spoons and the like at the Euro-Store (Dollar Store) and knew I had found just what I needed.
I attached it to the hidden side of our wardrobe. That way you can´t see the scarfs from most angles in the room, and they can be stored away neatly.


I found this among the kitchen supplies but it is just perfect to put away scarfs.


Do you have smart ideas for organizing your scarfs?

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  1. how is the holder mounted? sticky tape or screws?

  2. Hey Jennifer. There is sticky tape behind the holders.

    Thanks for visiting.