Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ideas for small spaces and small budgets ...

I thought I could start writing about smart solutions for small spaces and small budgets when I come upon great ideas.

The first one I am going to share is probably not new to most of you:


For a year or two, I have seen e-Readers on the market and have always dismissed them as an unnecessary gadget. I have always loved reading books and a reader just didn´t seem to fulfill the image of getting comfy on the couch with a cup of tea and reading a good book. Therefore, while living still in the USA, I purchased lots of books, taking up lots of space in our shelves.


Before our big move, I sold most of them on eBay, and decided to bring only my very favorites with me. The next couple of months I rarely purchased a book for the fear of getting our small living space cluddered to the extreme.

Then came Christmas-time, and my family was so nice to give me a Kindle reader as a Christmas-gift.
I needed only a few moments to realize how this was going to help in my current dilemma - a love for reading, but no space for books.


As a daily reader of´s great budgeting side, I also realized very soon that there is almost everyday a free e-Book deal to be had.

Most of the time, the deals won´t last for a long time, but I have been able to get almost 10 free books (about 1 a day), since I started paying attention to her free e-Book announcements.

Here you can find a few examples of past free e-Books:

- Organized Simplicity(Tsh Oxenreider)
- Produce, Publish, Publicize (Sabrina Sumsion)
- Fast, easy and delicious recipes for gluten-free breakfasts (Suzanne Leonard)
- Absolutely organize your family (Debbie Lillard)
- Healthy Children´s Lunches (Mandi Francis)

If you check on Amazon you may find some of these still for free.

Many of the books posted are how-to guides, recipes collections or seasonal books.
Personally, I have gotten to enjoy a different book ever other night - and that for free.

So if you always need new things to read, but have no space or money for all of those books, you can consider an e-Reader at some point in time. Then you just need to be on the lookout for free books to read on it.

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