Sunday, January 6, 2013

52 Weeks of Organizing - Here is the Plan

Here is as promised a list of Tasks I am planning on completing throughout the year. I won´t complete them in this specific order, as their completion depends on their cost and the time needed to complete them. Some of these things I feel are much more urgent than others, and I will consider that as well when selecting the next area to be worked on.
Also, there are not exactly 52 tasks as I might add things throughout the year as necessary.

Feel free to follow me along as we turn this place into our home.

Organize Storage Room
1 Bring Moving Boxes into the Basement
2 Install addtl. Shelving
3 Organize Cleaning Supplies
4 Create Recycling Center

Organize Hallway
5 Hooks for Jackets
6 Hooks for Keys
7 Baskets for Scarves, Gloves, …
8 Shoe Storage

Organize Office
9 Filing System for Important Docs
10 Filing System for Bills
11 Office Supplies; Cable
12 Instructions and Guarantees
13 Organize Photos

Organize Living Room
14 Add Couch Table
15 Storage for Media and Books
16 Extra Blankets
17 Curtains/Blinds

Organize Kid´s Room
18 Organize Art and Craft Table
19 Organize Wardrobe
20 Organize Toys
21 Reading Corner

Organize Master Bedroom
22 Organize Jewelry
23 Organize Medicine/1st Aid
24 Organize Linens
25 Organize Wardrobe and Dresser
26 Laundry Hamper

Organize Dining Room
27 Add Storage
28 Place for Table Linens
29 Place for Craft Supplies
30 Place for extra Dishes

31 Pots and Pans
32 Cook Books/Recipes
33 Cooking Supplies
34 Baking and Breakfast Supplies
35 Windowsills

36 Storage for Towels
37 Storage for Extras
38 Electric Razors
39 Laundry System

40 Seating

Garage and Car
41 Organize

42 Organize

Paint Walls
43 Living Room/Dining Room
44 Hallway
45 Kid´s Bedroom
46 Master Bedroom

47 Grocery Shopping
48 Photo Year Book
49 Seasonal Decor
50 Tax Filing System
51 Cleaning System

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