Sunday, January 6, 2013

What we will start with ...

Yesterday I shared with you our apartment as it looked like empty and before we even moved in. Today, I would like to share how far we have come so far.

Our entry way now looks like this:

As you can see, not much has been done yet. Our jackets are hanging from random hooks and nails leftover from the previous renters. Scarfs, shoes and miscellaneous items have no designated spot yet.

The only thing I added were two command hooks to the bottom of our entry door enabling our little one to hang up his own jacket. I am planning on adding a small bench with cubbies for shoe storage, a place to put jackets and maybe a mirror or art work.

Next up, we have the living room/dining room/office.

For this rather large space, we purchased a dining room table with four chairs, a sofa and a TV. The desk is my childhood desk, as is the far too small TV stand.

Here I would love to paint the walls, update my childhood desk, create some kind of smart storage for all things media, books, office supplies, arts and crafts supplies and most importantly our files. Furthermore there is a sofa table and some art work planned.

Moving from the living room to the kitchen, you will see that we added a small table and chairs (from my parents).  Unfortunately we do not have much space in the cabinets and I will need to find a way to store at least some of our supplies elsewhere.

Actually, as of yesterday, the kitchen table looked more like this:

And here is the prep area:

For our kitchen we need to find some kind of storage solution as the one in place right now. I would love to paint in here and add roman shades.

Right after the kitchen we have the bathroom which by now looks like this:

In here, I need to work on organizing the cabinets and finding a solution for our electric razors, etc.
Unfortunately, during the winter months there is no other way to dry our clothes than on the clothes rack, but once the weather turns nicer, this rack will spent most of its days on the balcony.

Our son´s bedroom now looks like this:

We added the wardrobe, the toy shelf, and the kid´s table. The walls still feel very stark and I would love to paint in here. Further, our son needs a big boy bed, I would love to work on the art area and to create a cute little reading nook.

Finally, here is our master bedroom:

In here, we still need to paint, purchase a bed (that´s a sleeper sofa borrowed from my parents) and eventually add a rug. The top drawer of that dresser is our junk drawer and looks accordingly inside.

As you can see, our problem is not so much clutter (there is only so much one can acquire in a short amount of time) and luckily both, my husband and I, are pretty good at getting rid of things no longer cherished or needed. 

However, what we really do need to work on is making this space our home. This will take a good amount of time, and as our funds allow, we will work on one space at a time. By no means we are planning to fill this place up to the rim, but we plan on making this homey.

Lateron, I will publish my list of activities, so that you can follow along if you like.

Take Care,


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