Friday, January 4, 2013

It´s been such a long time ....

First up, Happy New Year to everyone!

I know, that I have been gone for a very long time. When I last wrote, we were leaving the United States and moved back to Germany. We sold a lot of our personal belongings (except for about 6 suitcases) and boarded a plane.

We stayed in my parent´s guest room for a few months (I still posted a couple of times then) and after a few more months, I accepted a new job 2 hours away from my hometime. And suddenly there was no time left for anything.

Work, my family and getting settled took up quite some time and I needed a break from blogging.

Well, the itch to write has returned and I have some great projects to share that will hopefully serve as an inspiration for others.
This June we rented an apartment with good bones, but almost no furniture to fill it with. So here is finally a small tour of our apartment.

First up, there is the entry way (looking out from the living room/dining room):

This is the entry wall:

Next up, we have the master bedroom:

       Here is our living room/dining room/office:

This is a big space and there is quite a bit of potential hidden in here.

Next, we have a relatively small kitchen (which is unfortunately speparate from the dining/living area.

Then there is a small bathroom:

On the way to the kid´s bedroom there is a small storage room:

And finally, here is the smaller bedroom:

As you can see from all the tilted ceilings, you might be able to recognize that we went with an apartment under the roof. 

All of the pictures above are from the day we went to look at the space.

Since then, we did purchase some furniture and have started to make this feel more like home. Writing about all of our purchases however would explode this post, and therefore I will show in between pictures at a later point.

I also have to add an updated apartment tour to the top pages.

We have spent 6 months here, and now that we have covered the basic furniture additions, I have decided to tackle our rooms one by one in smaller weekend projects.

Last weekend I made a plan with all of the areas I intend to work on troughout the year, and I will share it as well sometime this weekend. 

Take care,


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