Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas … the yummy and baby animal edition

 Here is what our family was up to the last couple of weeks:

Meeting a family friend´s 10-day-old Bergamo-Border-Collie-Puppies.
Carina Handy 347

Baking muffins with auntie:

Carina Handy 354

Taking a stroll through the fields and getting the stroller stolen by wild cats …

Zwinkerndes Smiley
Carina Handy 368

Can you see the thief all the way in the back?

Carina Handy 103

More baking:

Carina Handy 384

And mess-making …

Carina Handy 385

Ready for the reveal? Here is the after-shot …

Carina Handy 397

Where you expecting any cookies here? Those are gone already. Next time I´ll have to remember to take a shoot of our baking-outcomes.

Either way, the cookies were excellent and the babies are clean again.
On to the next winter activities …. and something hot to drink … and more cookie-baking ….

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