Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Projects and Events 2011

Hi everyone. I wanted to make use of this year´s final post and create a Top 10 of projects and events.

Ready? Here we go:

1) I bid the bullet and started this blog in June of 2011.

2) I also planned my son´s Birthday on a tiny budget.

3) In July, I freshened up the color scheme of our bathroom with a bold teal.

4) In July,I further experimented with color in our master bath and bedroom.

5) In August, I created this graphic canvas art as part of the Pinterest Challenge.

6) I also shared how I created my blogheader using Picasa, Word and Pinik.

7)  In October, I worked on this time-out chair makeover.

8) In November and December, I wrote about several projects for an art gallery.

9) In December, I also got excited about this year´s tiny Christmas tree.

10) Finally, I shared a cute and quick way for creating present name tags on the cheap.

Now there is only left to say that I wish everybody a great start into the new year. I am excited to continue on with this new and creative hobby in 2012.

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