Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Green Tea Party

A few months ago, before painting 2 walls of our master bedroom a neutral beige, I had actually put up quite a few of different green color paint chips in order to see if I liked any of them.

I got scared of going "crazy" and went with the neutrals. Then a few weeks ago my free Glidden quart arrived. The color, Soothing Green Tea, I actually quite liked. So before starting any big projects with the paint I decided to "test the waters" and just paint the inner portion of our old TV stand.

And what I saw I really liked. So much so, that I made some artwork with it (more on that another day). Then today when my son fell asleep for his nap, I figured why not and painted the remainder walls of our master bedroom.

Here are the before-pictures:

And now here are the after-pictures:

Here is a close-up of the wall color:

I love how this turned out. The color is a soft green that is cheery at the same time.

Painting the closet wall and plus the small adjoining wall to the right took me about an hour. Since my son was still sleeping, I figured I might as well also finish up the two walls in our master bathroom that had remained unpainted.

The first two walls were already painted in lime light (a very light blue with a hint of green) and two walls were still the builders beige that comes with new houses. So I used the prolonged nap of my son and also painted the remaining master bathroom walls in Green Tea (the color actually works pretty good with the existing color scheme).

Here are the before-pictures of the blank walls (you can see the blue on the left wall):

Ready for these afters?

So what do you think of my Green Tea Party? My son actually woke up while I was just about to finish up, so I had to hurry.

Either way, I love how this turned out. Especially in the bathroom. I have caught myself looking at the cheery color on the walls and I am glad I tried painting a wall green.

This color for sure stays on my list of favorites.

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