Friday, July 8, 2011

How about some Ikea?

Isn't it funny how Ikea can have therapeutic qualities? For me at least. The other day, I had one of those stupid "old-couple-fights" and guess what? I needed some time off, grabbed my purse and off I went. It is so good to have an Ikea next door.

It was awesome to go just by myself, being able to try out all the sofas and armchairs, look at everything and anything for an amount of time I wanted.

I took a lot of pictures of displays, and furniture that I really liked for some reason or another:

The inspiration started right at the entrance:
I loved the combination of plum and dusky pink. Something in this direction would be perfect in an older girl's room or maybe even a guest room.

Up the stairs I stumbled across a kitchen display very similar to the kitchen mood board I posted the other day.

I really loved this kitchen, which has a very inviting feel to it. I also loved the simplicity of the back-splash. If I ever get to build my own kitchen it will very probably have some simple tile as the one above, but in the color you saw on my kitchen mood board.

Next I found this table setting which kind of remembered me of another display.

I tried out those plum colored chairs and they are actually very comfy.

A little further down the store, I found another display I really liked. This time in fresh green, white and silver.
I started dreaming up another mood board for my "future dining-room" and this kind of color combination would actually fit really well. This combo is really just fun and playful and could freshen up a room very easily.

This duvet cover is new I believe, and repeats once again the plums I saw popping up throughout the store so many times. They have this in fresh lime green, and in a gold-beige combination on white. I don't think they have them up online yet, but I really loved this set.

These lamps are just beautiful with their shiny, round metal bases and the white shades. They are quite large and they would work really well on a night stand or on a sideboard in the dining-room.  I am for sure keeping these on my list of favorites.

Finally I saw these and just had to grin. These pictures are kind of nice, and they would make a cute display in a group of 3 on a wall. I didn't look at the price Ikea charges for these, but I think even the least talented person would be able to DIY something like this.

This is a roundup of my little Ikea-stroll and I did end up buying a pair of curtains in the "as-is-section" that were marked down from $29.99 to $16.00.

So, what have you discovered at Ikea that you really loved?

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