Saturday, July 23, 2011

Goodwill and Craigslist

I guess my weekend started out pretty good. Late yesterday night, I went through mine and my hubbies closets, sorting out about 5 big bags of clothes, never used bed linens, bed skirts and similar items.

It is so nice to look in the closets and everything is organized so nicely. Whenever it gets too messy in there, I know it's time for reviewing.

Anything we haven't worn in a year gets either donated or tossed (if the condition isn't good enough for donating anymore).

Usually what I do is I just throw items of one category on the bed, and then I look at everything closely. If something was worn recently it stays, and I put it back into the closet on a neat pile. If it wasn't worn, well then it goes "bye-bye" (in the words of my son, who says bye to everything).  Then I move on to the next category and repeat the whole process.

As I mentioned, last night's closet clean-up resulted in 5 big bags of stuff. So today after breakfast my son and I went to Goodwill to donate everything. My plan was to take the time and go through the store. I had read so much about Goodwill but never went there myself. I wanted to go through all the stuff to find treasures and tables full of hidden potential.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Instead right when I entered the store I got a call, which went like this:

"Hi, I saw the Ikea chair you posted on Craigslist. Can I come now and take a look at it?"

me: "Sure."

So I hurried to hand over my donations, and then back to my house to meet with the potential buyer for a chair I had posted about a month earlier. Instead of buying something at Goodwill, I ended up selling my first item ever on Craigslist.

I not only emptied my closets of 5 bags full of stuff, I also sold a chair and footstool which were taking up way to much space in our narrow apartment. I am one step closer to getting our apartment more livable and organized.

And I'll go back to Goodwill another time, especially since the one glimpse I got at the sales area was actually really positive.

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