Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Apartment

Sometime this week I am planning to post a page showing our apartment. Since I am still working on getting that post together I thought I would quickly post a layout of the apartment to make things easier for the picture post.

I used a great planner that you can find online and use for free in order to map out a room's layout.

You can register at Floorplanner and then start planning the use of furniture in your own house or apartment or even dream up a dream home.

The use of the site is pretty straight forward and easy to learn.

Here is our apartment:

My measurements are a little bit off, but I think this shows pretty good that our apartment is very narrow and that there isn't much space to work with. We do have some furniture overload and a bunch of furniture pieces that are too big for the rooms, but that is due to the fact that we downsized in order to be able to save up for a down payment.

You enter the apartment right into the living room, and the door literally swings directly into the sofa. It's a close fit. Turning right, there is a small area that fits a dining-room set and around the corner is our kitchen which has its own set of flaws. Between the dining-room and kitchen is a hallway down to the bedrooms.

First door on the right houses a tiny laundry room. Then to the left is the door to the first small bedroom, in which my brother-in-law lives. Then the second door to the right opens up to the guest bathroom, and the second door to the left goes to my son's bedroom. Finally at the end of the hallway there is a door to the master bedroom with on-suite bathroom.

We actually used to live in a much larger apartment, but ultimately decided to downsize in order to be able to save some money for a down-payment. With this move we cut about 1/3 off our monthly rent-bill and with our brother-in-law paying for his room, rent was reduced even further. Now we are more at 1/2 of our previous rent amount.

Pictures will follow soon, so come back to get a glimpse at our little apartment.

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