Monday, July 18, 2011

Addition to the "Baby's Room"

About 5 years ago, previous renters had left behind a hideous little TV stand covered in a weird light pink-grayish laminate. I made do with it, especially since someone in the house (that would be the hubby) told me that painting laminate was impossible.

So the little TV stand moved with us to another apartment and spent the next 2 years in our hardly ever used guest room.

Then we downsized and a few months later I started discovering DIY-blogs and stumbled across Censational Girl's explanation on how to paint laminated furniture. Full of energy and new-found hope I painted the TV stand and another dresser my hubby had collected off the streets. The fresh white color was so much better than the laminate.

I made one mistake though. I polyurethaned the TV stand with a product that warned somewhere in the fineprint it would discolor white paint. Awesome. Since it was in the middle of winter and another painting session with wide-open windows in the freezing cold didn't seem like a goog idea, I decided to live with the yellowish tint that started to show after a few months.

Over the weekend  I decided to tackle the little guy and make it pretty again.

You can't see too well from this picture, but the stand had gotten visibly more yellow over time.
I decided to remove the upper board and to paint whatever was below in white with the intention to use this piece as toy-storage in my son's room.

Here is the stand after I removed the top board. Now it becomes pretty visible how ugly the previous laminate was and how yellow the poly had turned over time.

I decided to use some of my free Glidden paint I got a few months back in order to not only freshen up the white, but also to add a little something else to the stand.
 This color is Glidden's Soothing Green Tea, a fresh but not overpowering green.

After painting the inside corners with a brush, I used a paint roller to cover the entire inside of the stand.

Here is the finished stand (which I had touched-up with white paint). There was one big problem though. I had started the whole project intending to use my leftover primer from last year to cover the circle at the top. Once I opened the can, I had the nice surprise of completely dried out primer. Too bad. The top circle will have to be painted another time or I might even try to make a bench out of this once I pick up a bench cushion and some pretty fabric.

That didn't mean though, that I couldn't dress my stand up a little.

Can you see the light green I added to the open portion of the stand? For decoration I used my son's piggy bank, a place mat (to hide decorate the unpainted portion), a lamp, and one of my son's old receiving blankets framed and hung on the wall.

Then I decided to dress up the bottom portion as well.
 Some company for Mr. Piggy. Isn't this cute?

(After taking the pictures I removed anything not  toddler-friendly for obvious reasons. Also within 10 minutes my son had discovered the new addition to his room and messed up the remainder decoration).

Anyhow, what would you suggest? Adding a little bench seat at the top? Painting that unpainted circle in white? Any other suggestions? Let me know.

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  1. I like the bench idea! Looks good with the green!

  2. Thank you :)
    That was my first idea too. I'll probably tackle the circle over the weekend.