Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And the Dreaming goes on ...

After showing you my dream kitchen last week, I spent some time this weekend and dreamt up the continuation of my kitchen. Considering that I want everything to flow, I used the same paint color and continued a flow of white, black/brown, bamboo, greenish-gray wall-colors and some silver elements.

What do you think of my dining room?

I realized after looking at many many dining-room pictures, that I love the combination of a dark  and even rustic table with white or cream-colored parsons chairs. I also really liked  the dining-rooms that mix up different chairs and different materials. Bamboo? Check! Silver? Check! Dark and light furniture pieces? Check!
So what do you think about my dining room?

Especially when looking at this as a continuation of my hopefully open kitchen, I think I will end up with a very inviting combination of rooms.

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