Thursday, December 22, 2011

Presents are wrapped.

 I used my son´s naptime today, to get all of our gifts wrapped and decorated. This year I got some cheap wrapping paper in a purple and silver color scheme, as well as some dark blue paper. For decoration I got white package wrap and silver decorative ribbon.
Then I had to think about how to add the receiving person´s name on each gift. On pinterest I saw many pictures where people used clothes pin´s for their projects, I decided that this was the way to go this year.



Here you can see the cloth pins I used to write the receiver´s name or a little message.


The gifts didn´t turn out too elaborate, but all of them together look nice.


As it is custom here in Germany, the gifts will only be under the tree on Christmas Eve. Therefore, I put them all back into hiding until in 2 days.


Looks like we are ready to start the holidays, especially since this year I am luckily not one of those stressed out people trying to find last minute gifts.

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