Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bittersweet ...

As part of my "cleaning" for our international move, I decided it was time to let go of my son's preemie clothes.

In the morning, I went through the neatly folded stack of tiny onesies and pants, moved my 2 or 3 favorites to the side, and put everything else in a bag.

Next I called up my son's former NICU and asked if they accept donations. I never thought how hard it would be to let go of these first items my son ever wore. Looking at these pieces now, they look very small to me. Two years ago, even the Preemie-sizes items were far too big on my son.

Anyway, the NICU's social worker confirmed that in fact my donation was very welcome. And as hard as the thought of letting go was for me, I knew that there were families out there, with a baby in the NICU, who could make good use of my donation.

Here are my items all freshly washed and ready to be dropped off at the hospital.

In the afternoon, I took my son, the bag, and off we went to deliver our donation. I think, this must have been the single one donation of clothing I ever made that left me most content and the most bittersweet.

I talked a little bit with the social worker, who actually remembered us from 2 years ago. And then
before leaving, I grabbed a pecan danish (which I used to buy pretty much every day at the hospital's bakery, while my son was still in the NICU) and then I said good bye to the place that did so much for our family.

Thank you so much for taking excellent care of my baby!

On a happy note: I had the danish for my afternoon snack:

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