Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the move ...

Here are some news for my few readers:

I am moving out of country in less than 2 weeks and I am going crazy. Several reasons I am not going to elaborate on for now made us decide for this move, and starting mid-august, I will be posting from Germany. That's right. We will live in Germany, buy a house (hopefully in a year or two), and raise our son there.

After a lot of research, looking at moving companies and options of sending boxes overseas, we decided to sell all of our furniture, etc and to just take 6 suitcases plus hand luggage.

This means, that the last month we have been busy going through piles of stuff, sorting, donating, throwing away, selling, .... I believe you get the idea.

Trying to reduce your household to about 6 suitcases plus a few bags is not an easy task. Bags and bags full of stuff have already left the apartment. Today, I will hold a yard sale and on Saturday somebody will come to buy our car.

I never thought how hard it would be to let go of things that were cherished. Everything had to be cut to the minimum. Clothes (I donated and sold about 7 bags), photos, books (I sold all but 2) all had to go through the evaluation - keep, toss, donate/sell.

However, all this letting go of things also means that I will start with a completely blank slate in about a month. I will need furniture, kitchen supplies, everything but clothes.

So in between the process of getting rid of my current household items, I have been busy making mood boards, wish lists, and lists of items I will need to start a new household and I have a lot of ideas floating in my head.

These are the kind of pinterest plans I have on my boards - kind of a combination of color inspiration and rooms that go into the right direction. Obviously I am planning of finding and using a lot of pieces that I can refinish according to my ideas, but I'll have to see how that goes as I am not too familiar with the different paint products available in Germany.

So, in order for me to have an idea how much I will spend for a complete room, I registered with the Ikea in Germany, and started creating shopping lists for each room.

I think it is obvious that I am very excited about the idea of starting completely from scratch.

Soon I will post pictures of how our apartment looks like at the moment (not picture perfect, that's for sure).

Also, for those of you noticing that I am painting walls like crazy, I'd like to offer an explanation. Since we are allowed to paint, I am kind of using this opportunity to go out of my comfort zone with the paint colors and to try out different colors.

So that's the big news for this week. I will post more details as they become "available".

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