Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ebay Adventures

A few days ago I started my ebay-adventures, and guess what? After only one day I sold my first set of items (a series of romance novels) for $ 25.00. Not bad for taking a picture, adding a description to my items and putting them up for sale.
Today, I will send the books as promised.

Here is a picture of my books almost ready to go:
That was $ 25.00 in about 15 minutes of work. A few other items are being "watched" and on two I also already have  bids, meaning I have earned at least an additional $8.00.

It is kind of funny though, how small things like these can make one this happy.
Anyhow, I will write about the final success of my first ever ebay postings on Saturday, when the "auction" is over.

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