Monday, June 27, 2011

Pancakes gone WRONG ...

Saturday Morning I started making batter for my pancake-breakfast. Some of the pancakes were planned for breakfast, some of them were supposed to be frozen for later.
Now, I have made pancakes a million times before and therefore making them shouldn't be much of a problem.
So ahead I went, adding sugar, eggs, milk, mixing them all up. Then I added some flower and realized very quickly that there wasn't nearly enough as needed.
Here is a work in progress shot. Already expecting that this wasn't going to turn the way I wanted.

See, how thin the batter is? It just went all over the pan very quickly and I figured, OK let's go for "crepes' then.  Or maybe I should just start creating since there was no rescue for my breakfast pancakes anyway, lol. That's when I figured, why not try apple sauce to thicken things up a bit.

For sure, this did not work out as well either.

Looked more like I was frying a thin chicken filet.

Then I looked through my cupboards to see what else I could do. I came across a pack of chocolate powder and decided to add some of that since it has a "flower-like" consistency.
 After some waiting I got this:
Can you see where this was going? It was about when I decided that my breakfast really wasn't turning out the way it should.
I mean, we tried it anyway just to make sure:

We actually did end up eating a few spoons but I can for sure tell you that next time I'll go back to old-fashioned pancakes.
However, if you need a surefire way to mess up your pancakes, you have found it!

So tell me if you have had a kitchen disaster recently.

(By the way, it looks as if not even my pictures want to co-operate with me today)

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