Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paint chip overload

Today I will write about something I have been thinking about quite a bit since starting our saving-up-for-a-down-payment-to-buy-a-house-next-year-project. It is trying to figure out a color scheme for our future house. I think most of this is nothing but daydreaming, imagining what could be, and evaluating all the options and possibilities that are out there. I love passing by the paint isles in home improvement stores and to grab as many paint chips as possible. Over the last year or so, my collection of paint chips has become huge.

Here are just a few of them. Every time I pass by the paint isle I add another batch to my collection, which doesn't necessarily makes things any easier.

I think I have a preference for a theme that carries through an entire house, but I am not too sure how to get there.

I could go with something a bit more vibrant:

All shades of one color, like blue:

or Gray:

I could also create a warmer feeling like below:

It is for sure very difficult to decide on anything, but then again I don't even have a house yet. Maybe next year, this whole discussion will make much more sense for myself.

One thing though, I know for sure, and that is that I love grabbing a paint chip every time I get the chance.

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