Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I finally bid the bullet

Over the weekend I realized how many books I have in my shelves right now, that I have read about once, and that were collecting nothing but dust.
After dismissing the option of selling them through book-buy-back-sites (which I have used in the past for some of my college text books), I finally decided to tap the to me still unknown ebay.

My older sister is an avid buyer and seller on ebay and I remember her room always being of full of stuff that she was currently selling.

To me, ebay always just seemed this one big unknown I didn't have the time to try.

Anyway, on Sunday I decided it was time to try it out myself and to finally get started.

So after registering for ebay and paypal.

  I started researching similar listed books, their prices and the best way to market them. I am sure I made a whole bunch of strategic mistakes, I feel like I am off on the shipping costs, and for sure I have no clue if I am going to sell anything. But then again, I will never know if I don't try.

For now, I took advantage of the free posting they are offering right now, and I will see how far I get with the items I listed.

Later on in the week, I will post if I had any success at all.

How did you start out on ebay? Where you successful? You didn't sell a thing? Let me know. 
For now, I will look for a different group of items to sell since my first batch of items includes nothing but books, mostly romance novels.

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